From your home computer, you may check on the progress of your case with the USTC

As your matter before the U.S. Tax Court comes to a conclusion, you may begin to anticipate the Dismissal.

The Tax Court may try to further compel you to file an Amended Petition and pay the filing fee. When you continue to refuse, they will see their efforts are fruitless, and finally the judge will order the dismissal.

When the Dismissal is granted, the court will mail you the official declaration, but it will also be available as a public record on their website. Here are some examples from real clients of past dismissals: Sample A, Sample B, Sample C. Pay particular attention to the wording in the more-recent Sample D, in which the USTC admits the petitioner lives “outside the United States” (misspelled words by the USTC, not us).

You may also follow-up by periodically checking the U.S. Tax Court website to see when the Dismissal has been granted. This can be done by typing in the Docket Number, which will be given to you by the court in one of their correspondence letters.

You can go to the USTC website here, then click on the Docket Inquiry link and track the progress of your legal matter. If necessary, you may need to call them to inquire about the progress of your case — the phone number for the USTC is (202) 521-0700.


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