Our Platinum Level Service

So the whole Federal Income Tax issue makes your head spin?

We offer a more personalized level of service with our Platinum offering, which includes a year’s worth of full documentation AND questions answered via email and phone to assist your special needs, by appointment.

Now, you must realize that you will still need to become knowledgeable of the basic material. Additionally, you will have to sign your own documents, mail them to the proper location(s) and represent yourself to your employer and/or others when necessary. But with the Platinum Service, we can offer our expertise on a more personal level to help you with greater understanding and improve your clarity.

This is NOT legal advice, and we cannot and will not represent you in a court of law. What we offer is our knowledge of workable solutions for our services that you qualify for — including but not limited to Revocation of Election, Notice of Deficiency, Notice of Determination and FATCA.

Keep in mind you must qualify for each service through the strict criteria listed on each product’s page before we can begin discussions on those solutions. This service is available to specific American Nationals seeking our service for a 1-year time period beginning from the date of purchase and is limited to one person or a married couple.



  • Full documentation of any of the following services that you qualify for: Notice of Deficiency, Notice of Federal Tax Lien, Notice of Intent to Levy and Revocation of Election.
  • The phone correspondence is normally conducted on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please give us the best phone number to call you and a convenient time in the U.S. time zones. Please provide us the best phone number to reach you during this time frame, and confirm a convenient time. We will be prompt. You may not call us, because we don’t always have someone available to take random calls. We will try to keep the conversation to email correspondence, but phone calls may be necessary.
  • Before any phone consultation, please provide us with a brief synopsis of your concerns so that we may do some background research and have some immediate answers for you. The goal is to make this experience efficient and effective for you during the phone conversation.
  • This includes any letters and written correspondence in response to IRS notices regarding the Revocation of Election, Notice of Deficiency, Notice of Determination. If you do not want an all-inclusive package with the letters and a heightened personal experience, please consider our Silver Level service or simply pay for only the consultation time you need (€400 EUR per hour).
  • It does NOT include state income-tax issues or any issues not directly related to the Federal Income Tax areas listed above.
  • If you decide to take advantage of any Asset Protection products, those are separate charges. We do not offer solutions to state income-tax issues. We can only offer our expertise that we know will work for your individual circumstance. We will provide clear and honest responses to your questions, however we don’t possess the magic bullet to solve all your problems.
  • The Platinum service is for one person, though the regular price will include your spouse IF you and your spouse have filed previous taxes jointly. If you and your spouse have previously filed tax returns separately, and you wish to have your spouse covered, there will be a slightly different price. Please enlighten us as to your personal situation in this regard.


If you wish to proceed as a Platinum client

The 1-year non-refundable price is €6,300 EUR. For a couple, the price is €7,850 EUR.

If you’ve received any IRS enforcement letters in the last 90 days, make Adobe PDF files of them. Make sure any SSN is redacted, but only the SSN and not your name/address.

Email those to us. This will greatly assist us in creating a research investigation of your specific needs and possible solutions. If you have specific questions or problems, please email those to us at that time. We will promptly email you a PayPal invoice.

You must provide us your statement of agreement to each of our strict criteria for our particular services before we provide the documentation. For example, if you wish to take advantage of the Revocation of Election solution, you will need to copy and paste the strict criteria listed on that page, and email your written agreement to that. Similarly, if you have an NOD issue, you will need to do the same with the strict criteria listed on that page. Again, this service provides only the sharing of workable solutions — it is NOT legal advice and we do not engage in matters involving litigation.

This price includes a guarantee that any future price increase will not affect your service. You will not have to pay any additional fees related to the specific services outlined. The annual renewal is only €2,000 EUR, and it guarantees we will be available for personal consultation in an ever-changing world.

If you determine that you don’t need this level of service, you may also consider the individual services listed a-la-carte on our consultation page. However, all prices are subject to change.

Our Mission

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error, it is the function of
the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.”
— American Communications Association
v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442 (1950)