Legal Notice

The Weiss+Associates website is not designed, nor is it intended, to cause any interference of those who are lawful ‘Taxpayers’ of the National Government domiciled in the District of Columbia. Those parties should contact the IRS for such information and exit our website immediately.

Our website is for educational purposes only and is designed to help those who are American Nationals that have been falsely presumed by the IRS as one of their target audience arising from an error made by third parties who create such Tax Class 5 Information Returns like W2 or 1099 forms. Now, these American Nationals face an IRS Notice of Deficiency (or similar action), which is based upon the IRS creating an unauthorized Substitute for Return.

We do not dispense legal or financial advise, as we are not licensed to do so. We do not file any paperwork on behalf of a client or prospective client. All clients must educate themselves on the law to protect their rights and project themselves in the most accurate ways. All clients must file their own paperwork, approved and signed by them, and secure their own postage and proofs of delivery. Weiss+Associates provides information only, and that information should never be construed as “advice.” All clients must perform their own due diligence to verify any information gleaned from our website.

Educational information is provided to our clients as there are no government forms to assist American Nationals (who meet our strict criteria) to proactively resolve such discrepancies created by IRS presumptions. Thus, resolution is sought with the U.S. Tax Court on a jurisdictional basis to correct the presumptions established by the IRS with a Notice of Deficiency, Notice of Federal Tax Lien, Notice of Intent to Levy or other enforcement actions listed on the website.

The topics of information, opinions, and beliefs expressed on this website do not necessarily cover all positions for a given issue and are thus nonbinding on the creators of the information for Weiss+Associates or the legal fiction identified on this website itself.

While the content of our website is a good and valuable source of general information, it is the responsibility of each American National to understand the limits of the agreement they agree to in becoming a client and for each client to pursue their own verification of the information presented on our website in their personal research efforts.

Only enacted federal law in the form of statutes, legislative regulations, United States Supreme Court decisions, and other federal documents of a legal nature should be relied upon and cited to sustain a position. Such information is provided to clients for verification on their own accord which can be presented to the U.S. Tax Court to obtain a Court Order for Dismissal for Lack of Jurisdiction against the Respondent who is the Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

We do not accept clients, under the terms of our agreement, who currently identify themselves as: 1) a statutory U.S. person, 2) a statutory U.S. taxpayer, 3) a statutory U.S. citizen, 4) a statutory individual, 5) a statutory resident alien, 6) a public official [of any type], 7) one contractually engaged in commercial activity with the National Government, 8) one who engages in any federal franchise scheme, 9) one who operates in a representative capacity on behalf of and for the benefit of the National Government, or 10) one who has a domicile within the District of Columbia.

The status as a Weiss+Associates client and the 100% Money Back Guarantee (related ONLY to the NOD, NFTL and NOIL processes with the U.S. Tax Court) is hereby voided if an individual joins while knowingly falsifying his/her client identity requirement on one or more of the conditions.

Any inference on the part of others about the information within this website as being anything other than nonfactual speech can only occur by intentional or willful misapplication by that particular individual, governmental agency, or other third party.

This information is only for those who, by their free-will decision, agree that they are an American National who derives no income from a ‘trade or business’ (the performance of the functions of a public office) within the ‘United States’ as these terms are defined in 26 USC §7701(a)(26) & 7408(d).


Our Mission

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error, it is the function of
the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.”
— American Communications Association
v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442 (1950)