About Us

Weiss+Associates was established by Adele Weiss, who has done extensive research in the field of federal income taxation for over 25 years and has combined his analysis into workable solutions for clients.

Mr. Weiss has a masters degree in constitutional tax law. After undergraduate school, he started working in the private sector and later realized the need for deeper knowledge in the field of federal income taxation. The educational process has been, of course, an ongoing one, as there are over 10,000 pages of Internal Revenue Code, not including frequent changes made to it by the U.S. Congress.

Mr. Weiss has continually stressed that the Federal Income Tax is completely lawful within the singular and limited jurisdiction known as the District of Columbia and its U.S. Territories. As mentioned in our Jurisdiction section, you will see the differences between the two existing jurisdictions — both of which are called the United States, one a Constitutional term and the other a statutory legal expression. However, most Americans view the United States as being only a single geographical area.

We provide educational services to clients receiving the following IRS enforcement actions:

  • Notice of Deficiency
  • Notice of Federal Tax Lien
  • Notice of Intent to Levy
  • Notice of Levy
  • Summons

We also provide educational information in the following areas:

  • Revocation of Election to terminate a client’s participation in the U.S. Tax System per statutes created by the U.S. Congress
  • Convert employment status from Form W-2 “employee” to Form 1099 “subcontractor,” the latter of which has no Chapter 24 withholding issues
  • Formation of an International Business Company (IBC) which creates a legal entity to protect one’s assets and privacy from exposure

The services Weiss+Associates provides are based solely on existing federal tax laws. The results have produced solid solutions with a proven track record.

Our strengths include communication skills with the United States Tax Court in addressing federal income tax laws in order to properly differentiate our clients from those who are true U.S. Taxpayers within the statutory “United States.” We do not protest against the National Government and its federal income tax scheme — we merely help Americans understand and clarify their true status with their servant government.

The knowledge we have obtained through years of analysis has provided us a broad foundation to substantiate all presentments to the U.S. Tax Court and select IRS personnel.

The commitment of our team members is to offer responsive service by email or, on occasion, by telephone to our current client base. We utilize U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Appeals Court decisions to support our initial efforts. We further strengthen our documentation with IRC statutes and regulations. As a foundation, we also utilize federal legal opinions linked to the 16th Amendment.

Above all, this site was created to serve as an informational beacon for those who realize that their individual sovereignty as an American National is precious and must be protected from all threats.

In any instance, we do NOT recommend formulating your own interpretation of the law. Our goal is to help clarify the laws that have been created as it relates to the Federal Income Tax, and to assist clients who need to correct the National Government’s misapplication by falsely presuming our clients as being Taxpayers.

What we present on our web site is not merely our interpretation of the law either, but our procedures have brought about clarification through interaction with the U.S. Tax Court.

We all stand on the shoulders of our previous clients who, through their courage and determination, helped create precedence in the Tax Court. Through each case and correspondence with the U.S. Tax Court, we gain a better understanding of governmental operations and procedures, and we are constantly improving our intellectual property to better serve future clients.

We invite you to peruse the various pages on our web site, for your own educational purposes. If nothing else, we hope it stresses the importance of protecting your personal sovereignty — for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, we cannot take sovereignty for granted, as it is under constant assault from those who wish to garner power and influence over others.

Remember, to the best of our knowledge, there exists no Federal Government forms to proactively resolve discrepancies created by IRS presumptions. Instead, you are given every opportunity to voluntarily join their club and contribute a large portion of your hard-earned income to THEIR causes. Thus, it is up to you – the American National – to stay on top of pertinent matters and ensure that government presumptions don’t threaten your sovereignty.

You are a Nonresident Alien, American National. Know it! Live it!


NOTE: We will continually reference the non-statutory term “American National” on this website and in our correspondence. This is our unique definition to mean the following: “Those who were born in one of the 50 states of the Union, those who were born to parents of which at least one was born in one of the 50 states of the Union; or those naturalized.”

Thus you see that we are referring to those in the Constitutional Republic and those who are commonly referred to as “citizens of the United States” by the Constitution.

The problem is that the National Government also uses that same term “citizen of the United States” or “U.S. citizen.” The expression of American National is purposeful so as to differentiate those in the Constitutional Republic who are protected and possess unalienable rights via the Constitutional limitations placed against the National Government.

It is intentional so that the semantic expressions that are constantly being confused are now clearly distinguishable from the National Government’s use of “U.S. citizens” which are statutory creations of legislative Acts of Congress or those born of a woman within the District of Columbia or the U.S. Territories.


Definition of Government:
“People who have sought power over other people and have obtained it!”
— Katherine Albrecht, Author of Spy Chips

Our Mission

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error, it is the function of
the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.”
— American Communications Association
v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442 (1950)