Would you like to permanently leave the “U.S. Tax Club”?

The U.S. Congress has provided an option for all Americans to terminate the election they made when they initially filed a Form 1040 income tax return. The Revocation of Election eliminates any requirement to file a Form 1040.

Revocation of Election


Did you receive a letter for Notice of Deficiency/Tax Lien/Intent to Levy?

We may be able to obtain a Dismissal from the U.S. Tax Court. If you have received one or more of these letters, then we can help. Click the appropriate box below to find more information on our services. For a Notice of Deficiency, you have likely received either a Letter 3219, Letter 3219N, Letter 950DO or Letter 1862. For a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, you have likely received a Form 668(Y). For a Notice of Intent to Levy, you have likely received a Letter 1058 or a Letter LT11. If you qualify for our services, you can fight this enforcement action without having to hire an attorney or appear in court. You simply use the mail to send correspondence to the Tax Court. And qualified candidates receive a 100% Money Back Guarantee that we will obtain a Dismissal for Lack of Jurisdiction from the USTC. Time is critical on each of these actions to take this to Tax Court. So you need to act NOW!

Notice of DeficiencyNotice of Deficiency

If you’ve received an NOD from the IRS, learn how to defeat it by using the U.S. Tax Court to obtain a Dismissal of the purported debt.

In order to learn more about this process, click here…

Notice of Federal Tax LienNotice of Federal Tax Lien

If you’ve received a Notice of Federal Tax Lien from the IRS, you may also use the U.S. Tax Court to fight on jurisdictional grounds.

In order to learn more about this process, click here…

Notice of Intent to LevyNotice of Intent to Levy

If you’ve received a Notice of Intent to Levy, you have a small window of time to take this matter to the U.S. Tax Court.

In order to learn more about this process, click here…


Have you recently received a Letter CP508C denial of passport?

The National Government has used a rider in a transportation bill to slip this legislation through without much scrutiny from the public. This is an attempt to collect back taxes that add up to more than $50,000 USD. We have a process to fight this attempt at restricting your mobility and obtain a Reversal working through the U.S. Tax Court.




Have you recently received an IRS Summons?

Although your heart may have skipped a beat when you received one of these in the mail, please calm yourself and examine your options before you act. You have more options than you may be thinking. Please read our page first.

IRS Summons solution



Questions and personalized service

If you have questions about the services we provide, please FIRST go to our Q&A page linked at the top of this home page. There, you will find the most frequently asked questions posed by American Nationals. If you can’t find the answer to your specific question, then you may schedule a Personalized Consultation by providing a Phone Number and Best Time to Call. As we are located in continental Europe with a time difference of 6 hours to U.S. Eastern Time, we do not field calls but will initiate the calls to you. Outside of an emergency, we only schedule consultations on Wednesday and Thursday. The fee for this is €450 for up to 2 hours of consultation time. Please click here to find more information and pay for this service. Note: There is no pro-rating for consultation or segmentation for several sessions. Each consultation is for the time allotted whether it is fully used or not.

Whether you are an existing client or potential client, we must emphasize that we do not dispense legal advice as we are not members of the American BAR Association. All services and consultations are reserved for those who are clients of at least one of our services. We can answer questions but not provide in-depth assistance except to those who are clients and have met our Strict Criteria so as to not create any confusion and misunderstanding of what we do and whom we serve.

The unavoidable fact remains: We simply cannot pay the bills dishing out free information. To help as many Americans as possible, we have priced our products affordably, but we cannot repeatedly answer every tax question that may come to mind. We give out volumes of free information on this entire website. Please take advantage of this. Knowledge is power.

If you wish to have a more personalized experience, please consider either our Silver Level or Platinum Level services.


Documents needed before we may proceed

We do NOT dispense legal advice but merely help American Nationals correct mistakes made either by them or by government employees in regard to the Federal Income Tax. Please do not ask us for legal advice or help on unrelated matters.

Each service we offer is separate. Thus, an NOD being addressed with the USTC is one of three separate IRS enforcement actions at their avail. The price for the NOD includes the entire set of responses to settle THAT issue. It does NOT cover a separate NOD you received in the past, or in the future. Those would be separate purchases, if you qualify. Theoretically, you may receive IRS enforcement actions for the same tax year — this is because the IRS has three directions to attack you. Please keep in mind that time is of the essence to properly respond, therefore your documentation must be presented to us in Adobe PDF format. And it is important to begin communication with us immediately. This means sending us the required information listed on the specific page linked to your problem. The links are located above where the three photos are.

Regarding enforcement actions, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, and that means our efforts will produce a Court Order of Dismissal for Lack of Jurisdiction. For additional information on our promise, please read our Terms of Use.

We try to keep our pricing structure low, so that more American Nationals can benefit without a price burden.

The email needs to include ALL the information requested, in order to help reduce time wasted responding to emails on unrelated subjects. We are trying to limit our staff costs in an attempt to keep our prices affordable to the average American National.

We genuinely want to help all Americans gain a better understanding of their rights and obligations, but we do not have the answers to all of life’s questions. Please include any letters regarding enforcement actions you’ve recently received from the IRS and limit the topic to the narrow scope of our expertise.

A WORD ON OUR GOVERNMENT: Numerous articles have been published about police and other government officials seizing money and property without a court order. Simply google “Civil Asset Forfeiture” and a host of articles come up. They are outright stealing that which is not theirs. Because of this possibility, we strongly recommend moving a large portion of your liquid assets out of the United States jurisdiction. It is important to also protect your illiquid assets, like homes and vehicles, as government employees have also been known to seize these items without a court order. Please read our Asset Protection page for more details. Despite what the law states, there are those within the government who still choose to act on their own and without proper authority. It is up to you to make prudent decisions and protect what you have worked so hard for over the years.


Our Mission
“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error, it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.”
— American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442 (1950)

This Supreme Court statement is the hallmark of our philosophy in assisting American Nationals
to protect their privacy and maximize their financial freedom.


An Illustration: Which do you aspire to be?


What services we don’t provide

We do not dispense legal or financial advice. We are not licensed to do so. Since the following are complex areas requiring specialized knowledge, we do not offer help in:

  • State income tax issues
  • Income tax issues with any country other than the United States
  • Property tax issues
  • Issues with real estate transactions
  • Social Security issues
  • Obamacare issues
  • Issues with credit-reporting agencies
  • Issues with retirement accounts, pensions and annuities
  • Issues with employer applications
  • Ramifications of court decisions already rendered
  • Assistance in setting up domestic bank accounts
  • Financial ramifications regarding divorce, bankruptcies, child support, fiduciary relationships and other issues not directly related to the federal income tax.

Also, the services we provide are for human beings only, not U.S.-created legal fictions like corporations, trusts, partnerships, etc.


To the naysayers

This website contains volumes of valuable information about the LAW. We point out what the law states regarding the misapplication toward those who are not truly liable. We understand many live in fear of their government, and part of that comes from the repeated silence from government employees — your servants. It is their responsibility to inform We The People (whom they serve) on legitimate questions regarding the law.

THE LAW applies to the government AS MUCH as it applies to the People. And it is your job — as the sovereign — to demand they follow the law. Read (and re-read) our Mission Statement above. If you correspond with a government employee, require of them to show you THE LAW, and reject any hyperbole they may offer to dance around the key subject of jurisdiction.

No government employee or agency has EVER shown us THE LAW as it relates to an obligation upon American Nationals (those living and working in the Constitutional Republic) to file a Form 1040 without first making an election. Most critical-thinking people can assume this equates to the fact that no law exists. If you remain skeptical, the truth is self-evident. Force your Government to answer the key element: SHOW ME THE LAW! If they ever produce such a document, please forward it to us, because our 25+ years of research has shown that the Federal Income Tax was only levied upon the National Government without apportionment. Additionally, the National Government was ‘denied or deprived’ by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1895 of any power to impose a Federal Income Tax directly upon American Nationals living and privately employed in the Constitutional Republic. The key distinction is: the National Government can avoid the rule of apportionment by taxing itself in their exclusive jurisdiction to which the Constitution has no full force or effect of law. That is exactly what they chose to do — and additionally they gave American Nationals the permission to volunteer into their U.S. Tax Club. That is perfectly legal.

Be aware: there is an IRS-sponsored website operating by the name of Quatloos, that disseminates propaganda to confuse many American Nationals with their purposeful misdirection. It is wise for anyone to ascertain the source of any criticism or conflict before drawing any conclusions. There are many who may appear to be knowledgeable of law, but they offer little supporting documentation to create the impression of their skill and expertise in this field of study.

The Federal Income Tax IS lawful within the District of Columbia and its U.S. territories, which are “states” in free association with the National Government, such as Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, etc.

As this is a voluntary act for American Nationals within the 50 states of the Union, like what former IRS commissioners Steven Miller and Dwight Avis separately stated to the House Ways & Means Committee some 60 years apart, you can clearly see that there is NO SUCH LAW. You have to volunteer yourself into the “U.S. Tax Club.”


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